Creating Caribbean 3.0 Future

Dr Miguel Goede, a strategist and trend watcher in the Caribbean and Runy Calmera, a policy advisor based in Curaçao (Caribbean) have published a book on the future of the Caribbean small island developing states.

The book is called Creating The Caribbean 3.0 Future and can be found on Amazon Kindle.

Tash was asked to design the book cover and thumbnails for promotional material.

Tash worked on

DESIGN AND LAYOUT of the cover of the book and promotional thumbnails.
PHOTOGRAPHY Tash took the cover photos

  • Tash helped us out again and magic happened. This designer is incredible. I worked with her before on my branding and now on a book design. I was amazed how she felt what the book was all about. My following books will all be done by 1 designer: Tash. Someone you can trust when you have a tight deadline.